Corporate Gatherings made Great

  • Annual gathering
  • Product Launch
  • Corporate conferences
  • Company weekly, monthly meeting
  • Outdoor & Indoor Training / Seminars
  • Company Events / Getogethers
  • Private Meetings
If you’re looking for a place to launch your new product or service, a place for your annual corporate gathering or looking for a calm and quiet atmosphere to conduct your weekly or monthly meetings, you need look no further.


Just being here is an adventure.

  • Many Adventure Activities
  • 2 Acres of Garden for 350
  • 11 A/C and non A/C Tower Lodges
  • Tented Accommodation
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant with the capacity of 60
Stressed out? Looking for a place to relax? Time for a breather? At Thotupola Lakeside your recovery is 100% guaranteed. You have two choices. You can chill out or you can have an adventure. Or maybe both?

Within its natural setting, Thotupola Lakeside offers a wide range of activities and outdoor experiences. But it is also a place to relax, unwind and even perhaps evolve. To that end we are at your service.

Feel the tranquility and calmness of the serene environment. Take a dip in the pool and chill. Get into a kayak and explore the waters of Bologoda Lake and experience its unique natural environment. The birds in the marshes and in the rippling water are the music of Nature… you are warmly welcomed here.